China is challenging the idea of democracy
19th December 2021

Checks and balances are crucial to a healthy democracy, but far too often that principle is being misrepresented as giving a veto to those who have been vanquished in elections
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Climate: India throws down the gauntlet
5th November 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has bucked tradition, offered solutions to the ongoing climate summit in Glasgow
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On economic reforms, India seizes the baton
8th October 2021

Modi’s India continues to create opportunities for its people, as Xi’s China deviates from Deng’s vision and destroys private sector wealth
Hindustan Times

Before, there was reform by stealth. Now, it...
21st August 2021

Baijayant Jay Panda writes: The Congress has only paid lip service to economic reforms and prioritised politics over policies.
The Indian Express

The central hysteria behind Central Vista
6th July 2021

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Farm stir: Latest attempt to stop Modi’s re...
1st January 2021

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Eradication of malnutrition likely to happen ...
28th December 2020


Modi’s leadership is evolving, even as his ...
8th October 2020


Opposition is wrong on agriculture bills
1st October 2020

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Social media: The new theatre of India’s cu...
31st August 2020

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The decay of the Grand Old Party |Opinion
30th July 2020

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प्रधानमंत्री नर...
13th July 2020