International Initiatives

Mr Baijayant Jay Panda has been an active participant in various international initiatives. He is currently the chairman of India-US Forum of Parliamentarians (IUPF) which is a parliamentary dialogue convened by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FICCI). The Forum provides opportunities to Indian MPs to develop and strengthen India-US relations through Track II initiatives in close collaboration with their counterparts in USA.

Mr Baijayant Jay Panda has been closely associated with Chaophraya Dialogue which is an important Track II initiative that provides important opportunity of first hand interaction among members of strategic community from India and Pakistan. The Chaophraya process was instrumental in resuming dialogue between India and Pakistan after 26/11 when the official dialogue process was suspended.

He has been an active participant of India-US Strategic Dialogue. Recently in June 2016, he led a 17-member Indian delegation to US during ongoing visit of PM Modi to the US. Adding to this list, he is an active part of Ananta Aspen Centre, the discussion group that brings along policymakers and business community members of India and Singapore alike. Most recently, he participated in the Dialogue during the visit of Singaporean PM to India in March 2017.


India-US Forum of Parliamentarians

Jay Panda is the Chairman of the India-US Forum of Parliamentarians (IUFP). The forum was first launched in 2002 to foster closer relations betwe...

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The Tenth U.S-Japan-India Track II Strategic Dialogue

Jay Panda visited Japan as part of a delegation of Parliamentarians and industry leaders to participate in the U.S-Japan-India Strategic Dialogue...

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The India-Pakistan Chaophraya Dialogue

The Chaophraya Dialogue is an Indo-Pak Track-II initiative jointly undertaken by the Jinnah Institute (JI) and Australia India Institute (AII) to...

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The Argumentative Indian Conference

Jay Panda was a speaker at the conference organized by the Australia India Institute in Melbourne from 31st October to 2ndNovember 201...

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