Youth Interactions

Location - New Delhi



The Delhi Policy Workshop happened on February 26th 2017 at Faculty of Management Studies(FMS), Delhi University. This workshop was conducted by the Office of MP Baijayant ‘Jay’ Panda in collaboration with Faculty of Management Studies(FMS) and Young Leaders for Active Citizenship(YLAC). There were more than 100 participants from various spectrums of academic and professional lives. The guest speaker for the event was Ms. Yamini Aiyyar, Director, Accountability Initiative, Centre for Policy Research(CPR), New Delhi. In the starting session in morning, Mr Panda addressed the participants on the topic of ‘Policy making in India’. He introduced to them the framework of policy formulation and policy implementation in our country and how a bill would become law. He gave various ideas on citizen centric engagements with MPs. The second session was conducted by YLAC where Mr Rohit Kumar from YLAC addressed the participants on the topic of ‘Interaction between technology and policy’. In third session, Guest speaker Ms Yamini Aiyyar talked about ‘Policy in Practice’. In the fourth and final session, Mr Panda talked about ‘Deepening democracy in India’ where he presented the issues of democratic governance in India alongside his core concerns for institutional and systemic reforms in our country.