MP Baijayant ‘Jay’ Panda has undertaken several national and international initiatives. He has been a key champion of several social issues in the national level and has been a regular speaker at various events. He is a member of various Track II international initiatives and has been a key participant at various international forums. In both Parliament and public life, he passionately espouses the cause of his home state Odisha. Mr. Panda has been spearheading a unique initiative wherein his office organizes day long workshops to improve citizen engagement with the policy making process in India. Since 2013, his office has conducted workshops in several cities across the country in collaboration with prominent institutions and civil society organizations.The workshops are an apolitical initiative undertaken by Mr. Panda to bridge the gap between citizens and their representatives. The idea is to provide a platform to young citizens to develop an understanding of the policy making process, the role of a Member of Parliament, and to equip them with tools to champion issues that they are passionate about. The workshops are also a great opportunity for the participants to interact and engage directly with Mr. Panda.